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3-in-3 Seminars and Research Seminars

The School of Education (SoEd) has the largest number of Doctoral and Master by Research students in Taylor's University. Both these weekly events, held on alternative weeks, are aimed at providing an avenue to enable students to hone their research skills and capabilities.

After a brief respite during the Movement Control Order (MCO), both the activities resumed and were warmly welcomed by research students. Both events were conducted online via Zoom and were attended by students both within the country and overseas.

The 3-in-3 seminars provided an opportunity for students to present aspects of their research project in order to obtain feedback. Called 3-in-3, the event gives students 3 minutes to talk about an aspect of their research, using a maximum of 3 PowerPoint slides.

The SoEd Research Seminar Series covers aspects of research methodology. In the opening session of the current series, Prof. Moses Stephens Gunams Samuel, Professor from SoEd, looked at framing the research problem. This session was attended by 28 students.

Subsequent sessions will cover, framing research questions, reviewing the literature, how to read research articles as well as the Proposal Defence.


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