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A Cross-Cultural Counselling Case Conceptualisation: Perspectives from Asia and North America

The Counselling Case Conceptualization event was a significant platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration between two prestigious universities - Taylor's University, Malaysia and Texas A&M University-Commerce, United States of America. The event titled "Case Conceptualization: Exchange of Perspectives" was facilitated by Prof. Dr. Zaidy Mohd Zain, an esteemed Adjunct Professor from Taylor's School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (SLAS) and a Professor at the Department of Counseling, Texas A&M University–Commerce, brought together 10 postgraduate counselling students from Texas A&M University-Commerce, USA and 38 Master of Counselling students from Taylor's University, Malaysia representing different cultural backgrounds.

The session aimed to explore the multifaceted aspects of case conceptualization, providing an opportunity for students to share their experiences and insights based on real-life scenarios. The participant from Texas A&M University-Commerce Mr. Huy Lam showcased his adeptness in applying various counselling approaches and navigating through clients' issues,; while Ms. Vanessa Ashley Kwek Ik May and Mr. Philip Gooi Hon Kit from Taylor's University provided valuable perspectives from their counselling session experiences.

Prof. Dr. Zaidy Mohd Zain played a crucial role in guiding the discussion, bridging the gap between the participants' diverse backgrounds and facilitating a harmonious exchange of ideas. His expertise not only encouraged deeper exploration into counselling practices but also highlighted the importance of cultural sensitivity in the field. The event underscored the synergy between the two universities and showcased the global reach and impact of counselling practices. By fostering a more inclusive and globally informed approach to the profession, initiatives like these contribute to shaping the next generation of counsellors with a nuanced understanding of cultural and contextual variations.

In essence, the Counselling Case Conceptualization event was not just a sharing session, but a significant milestone in promoting interconnectedness and cultural awareness within the counselling community. As the counselling landscape continues to evolve, such collaborative efforts become increasingly vital in nurturing a more comprehensive and empathetic approach to client care.


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