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A Culinary Triumph Unveiled: TCI Graduate Kevin Wong Scores Hat-Trick in Michelin Guide Singapore

Chef Kevin Wong, a culinary graduate from Taylor’s Culinary Institute in 2014 and has not stopped learning and working day and night to bring him to where he is today. Taylor’s Culinary Institute has always been collaborating closely with the Best Chefs in France and it provides the students an opportunity to train or work in these restaurants during their internship, and Chef Kevin certainly did not let the chance go to waste. He started as a commis in ‘Le Parc Franck Putelat’, one of the few 2-Michelin Stars restaurant in Carcassonne back in 2013. Over there, he has collaborated with Chef Frank Putelat, a winner of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), the Best Craftsman of France since 2019.

About 2 years later, Chef Kevin moved to Coi Restaurant in San Francisco, one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurant in 2015 and worked as a Chef De Partie. A year later, he went off to the Benu Restaurant, a 3- Michelin Stars restaurant as a Stagiaire. At Benu Restaurant, Chef Kevin worked in every different station of the restaurant which included fish and meat section, butchery, garde manger and so forth. It was during the year of 2017, he moved his career back to Asia, and Singapore was his best choice because it was one of the few Asia countries that is full of prestigious restaurants from around the world. He started off as a Junior Sous Chef in a 1-Michelin Star restaurant - Meta Restaurant. He continued his journey and worked his way up in Meta Restaurant and finally became a Head Chef in 4 years’ time.

After thorough consideration, he finally decided to start up his own restaurant with a team who collaborated with him in Meta Restaurant and alumni of Taylor’s Culinary Institute. They are Ashley So Jen Wern, Andrew Ou and Rachel An Li Jing. The team started a restaurant named ‘Seroja’ that focuses on cuisine from the Malay Archipelago. With only a one-year-old restaurant, 'Seroja' was exceptionally emerged as the biggest winner at the Star-revelation Ceremony for the Michelin Guide Singapore 2023. The restaurant received a Michelin Star and became the first restaurant in Singapore to receive the Michelin Green Star, an annual award inaugurated in 2020 that honors restaurants which offer “Combines culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments”.

On top of all the remarkable awards that Seroja received, Chef Kevin Wong was also awarded the “Best Young Chef Award,” an award that recognizes a young, starred chef with exceptional talent and immense potential.

Taylor’s Culinary Institute is extremely proud of Chef Kevin Wong, and believes the gastronomic world eagerly anticipates the delectable delights by 'Seroja'. Chef Kevin Wong's journey exemplifies the sheer power of passion and perseverance in achieving culinary greatness, and we cannot wait to witness the continuing success of 'Seroja' under his visionary guidance.

Congratulations to the entire team on this remarkable feat!


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