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A Glimpse into The World of Bar & Beverages with Alexa Low Chia Chia

As part of Taylor's Culinary Institute Alumni Series highlighting the institute’s capable and outstanding graduates, Alexa Low Chia Chia who has been in the Bar & Beverages industry for years was invited for a 2-hour session entitled “A Glimpse into The World of Bar & Beverages” to share her experience, knowledge and skills to about 30 Diploma students of the Culinary and Hospitality programmes. She is an alumna of Diploma in Hotel Management and currently working as an Assistant Bar Manager in Singapore.

Alexa shared her career advancement from Malaysia to Singapore, how she can keep up with the latest trend happening in the industry and showed the student basic skills and knowledge required to produce classic cocktails such as Margherita, Singapore Sling and Gin & Tonic and many other mocktails.

It was a truly fun and informative session for the students.


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