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A Night with the Taste of Toulouse by Notable Chef Jean Pierre Blasco & Pascal Bonnafous from France

Taylor’s Culinary Institute hosted an exclusive inner event - "A Night in Toulouse” that featured the collaboration of two renowned chefs from France, Jean Pierre Blasco, Executive Chef of Auberge des lices and Pascal Bonnafous, Disciple Escoffier & Senior Lecturer of Lycée Hôtelier d’Occitanie. Both chefs took guests on a remarkable gastronomic journey, highlighting the rich and traditional flavor of the South of France. The dinner welcomed 50 guests at Truffle Restaurant at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus with a 4-course degustation menu. The evening began with a delightful Amuse Bouche - Wild Mushroom Ravioles with Winter Truffle, accompanied by a luscious Parmesan Emulsion that left the guest’s taste buds tingling with anticipation for the next course.

Moving on to the Entrées, Chef Blasco and Chef Pascal presented a skilled blend of Fresh and Smoked Salmon Gravlax, enhanced with a zesty Citrus and Dill Sauce. The brightness of Granny Smith apples and the tangy burst of Grapefruit added a refreshing touch, balancing the richness of the salmon perfectly. Finally, the main course showcased a classic French dish that has stood the test of time - the Classic French Cassoulet. This hearty dish combined slow-cooked white beans with duck sausages from Toulouse, France. Where traditionally ‘Cassoulet’ is cooked with pork sausages, both chefs put their own unique spin on the traditional recipe, adding their signature touches to create a truly unforgettable experience for the guests.

Not to mention, the chefs also passionately described their culinary creations, sharing anecdotes and insights into their creative process for each dish served throughout the evening. The diners were captivated by the dishes served, especially the Cassoulet, as it was served in a big sharing bowl placed in the middle of the table to be shared as if you were having a festive celebration in a fine dining restaurant setting. This event was opened to the public and the restaurant was fully booked with positive feedback. It was another great night of the Michelin’s dinner!

Nevertheless, Taylor’s Culinary Institute has been constantly organizing event for the students to learn and practice from notable chefs from France who own restaurants awarded with Michelin stars/guide. The students are also able to practice from getting the restaurant ready to serve the guests from various industries in a Michelin standard.

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