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BOWLFUL: Fresh & Vibrant Dishes from Southeast Asia by Food Writer & Celebrity Chef Norman Musa

Taylor's School of Food Studies and Gastronomy (SFSG) in collaboration with committee members of the Quintessence Culinary Club successfully organized a Culinary Demonstration and Speakers Series. For this time of series, SFSG Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Food Writer & Celebrity Chef Norman Musa spent his valuable time with Bachelor of Culinary Management students to demonstrate a few recipes from his latest cooking book - "Bowlful: Fresh and Vibrant Dishes from Southeast Asia".

More than 60 students attended the session, as it was associated with the module offered under International Cuisine. During the session, several activities were planned such as a culinary and motivational speech, a cooking demonstration and also quizzes. For the quiz session, there were 6 students who managed to answer and bring back this cooking book as their prize.

In addition, the student also gained the opportunity to assist the Chef and show their talent to cook together with Chef Norman. The session was not only just a culinary and cooking demonstration but also a platform for the student to learn the skills and hidden qualities to become a renowned chef. This engagement was believed to be a stepping stone for all students to prepare themselves not only to focus on culinary skills but rather to strengthen their culinary communication and performance.


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