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Bringing Michelin Star Dining Experiences to Malaysia by Taylor's Culinary Institute

Taylor's Culinary Institute (TCI) is committed to providing its students with unparalleled opportunities to learn from renowned International Chefs. The institute hosted Chef Sebastien Aliprandi, a Chef-owner of Restaurant L’ambrosia in Pezens, South of France; and it is now a restaurant in Michelin Guide France 2023. Inspired by his hometown full of fresh produce and fine wines, Chef Sebastien prepared a delectable 5-course degustation featuring the fresh produce from farm, sea and land for TCI dinner event.

The dinner started with tomato mozzarella with a twist; a well-balanced sweetness of the tomatoes with creamy mozzarella got the guests warmed up for the upcoming starter and main course. The starter came with salmon 2 ways, salmon was cooked differently but served on a plate that allowed diners to explore the possibilities of salmon. Followed by the soy glazed beef was served as a main course, the super tender and carefully cooked medium rare beef kept the guests amazed and satisfied. Not to mention, the dinner was expertly anchored by Mr. Bruno Casassus, who acquired the title of ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’ in 2019, and he is also an F&B Director in Hotel De France Auch, France.

Mr. Bruno provided exceptional service with an opening speech explaining the origin of the menu and the choices of wine chosen for the menu which exhilarated the guest before the dinner is served. The dinner was hosted for about 60 guests in Truffle Restaurant and TCI’s newly launched Terrasse, a lakefront private dining restaurant with a calming and tranquil ambience. Apart from the starter and main course, the dinner was also highlighted by the cheese specially purchased from France by Mr. Bruno Casassus. The cheeses are only produced and sold locally in France. There were 4 different types of cheeses from both cow and sheep. All the 60 guests were impressed by how it tasted so differently in terms of the texture and taste from the cheeses purchased in Malaysia.

Finally, the last course - dessert, was nothing less than impressive. It was named ‘Texture of Chocolates’, which were 3 different types of texture of chocolate made from one single chocolate - Valrhona Chocolate. While the entire dessert was made up of one type of Chocolate, due to the process of making it in different textures, the outcome was a taste of intense chocolate dancing on the palette with several layers of texture.

By bringing Michelin Star dining experiences to Malaysia, Taylor's Culinary Institute aims to raise awareness and standards of culinary excellence in the region. Hosting Michelin Starred Dinners also provides an unique opportunity for students to learn from the best in the industry.

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