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Careers in Social Innovation & Change: A Sharing Session by Adjunct Associate Professor Asrif Yusoff

Social Innovation and Change is a new discipline that is growing rapidly. Experts in this discipline are highly needed by the nation and the world, especially when we are facing many social issues such as the complications brought about by the current Covid-19 Pandemic. The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences (SLAS) has recently launched the Bachelor of Social Science with Honours (Social Innovation and Change) programme. This programme is unique and considered the first degree in Asia specializing in this field. Furthermore, the programme is conducted using an unique Work-Based Learning Method to groom future leaders in Social Innovation with one year of hands-on working experiences to complete the degree.

The programme proudly commenced its first intake with the March 2021 semester. To showcase the strength of this unique Bachelor of Social Science programme in Work-Based Learning (WBL) method, the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences organized a webinar series on careers by industry leaders to benefit both the current students as well as the public. For the webinar which was held in March 2021, the sharing session was done by an Adjunct Associate Professor of School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Asrif Yusoff, who is also a Senior Manager at Petronas Leadership Centre. Asrif Yusoff is a Social Innovation expert in the country with a Master in Social Innovation programme from the University of Cambridge, U.K.

Adjunct Associate Professor Asrif Yusoff shared his learning in the area of Social Innovation at Cambridge University as well as his motivation towards becoming an agent of social change. He highlighted the relevance and importance of a social science degree towards his career trajectory in the energy sector across various functions. The sharing session was hosted by Mr. Zaim Azizi, a distinguished lecturer at School of Liberal Arts and Sciences who further probed into the discussion on career prospects and industry demand for graduates of Social Innovation and Change specialization. This webinar benefited many Taylorians and invited participants, both local and international, who were able to directly engage with Adjunct Associate Professor Asrif. This webinar attracted more than 200 viewers via ‘School of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ Facebook page.


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