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Chocolate Bon Bon Creative Design Construction by World Pastry Champion Chef Otto Tay

Taylor's School of Food Studies & Gastronomy (SFSG) proudly invited Chef Otto Tay, an Adjunct Senior Lecturer and the World Pastry Champion 2019, to conduct a half-day Masterclass Series Workshop with our Bachelor of Patisserie Arts (BPA) students. Fifteen students from BPA batches 4 and 5, enrolled in the 'Chocolate and Confectionery' and 'The Art of Sugar and Chocolate' modules, participated in this insightful workshop. The main objective was to introduce students to flavor construction, design components, and airbrush techniques in chocolate Bon Bon making, as well as petit chocolate and praline production. This added a contemporary touch to the curriculum and kept students abreast of the latest advancements in the field.

The inclusion of both theoretical and practical components in the workshop to ensure a well-rounded learning experience. Chef Otto Tay delivered an insightful lecture covering a broad spectrum of topics such as understanding chocolate from cocoa bean to the final product, adept handling of chocolate, various tempering methods, and storage procedures to demonstrate a commitment to excellence in chocolate craftsmanship. The practical segment empowered students with hands-on experience, allowing them to master techniques such as tempering, filling preparation, intricate chocolate design utilizing airbrush techniques, and the art of proper storage and packaging.

Such practical exposure was crucial for students to not only understand the theoretical aspects, but also to develop the skills required in real-world scenarios. The motivational speech by Chef Otto Tay served as a great way to inspire and emphasize the importance of passion and dedication in pursuing careers within the chocolate and confectionery sector. It added a personal touch to the educational experience, encouraging students to approach their future careers with enthusiasm and commitment.

Overall, the school's dedication to nurturing future professionals in the culinary arts is evident in the thoughtful planning and execution of this Masterclass Series Workshop. The blend of education and inspiration will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the participating students, preparing them for success in the dynamic culinary industry.


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