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Collaboration Beyond Classroom: An Insight from NGOs

The School of Education hosted a panel discussion titled "Collaboration Beyond Classroom: An Insight from NGOs" to discuss issues concerning co-curricular activities in schools. Mr. Shavez Cheema, Founder, 1StopBorneo Wildlife, was one of the three panellists. Ms. Chen Yoke Pin, Senior Manager, Arts-ED Penang, and T.S. Dr. M. Umaiyal, Founder, Sayor Mine Network

Dr. Lee Yee Ling of the School of Education moderated this webinar. Taylor's lecturers and educators from various school settings were among those who took part. The three organisations are distinct in their nature of NGO activities which focuses on environmental education and conservation; arts, culture, and heritage, and developing young scientists.

Regardless of the differences, they have been actively involved in co-curricular activities for students ranging from primary to tertiary level. They plan field trips, game-based activities, campaigns, and on-site investigations to provide students with authentic learning experiences. They hold trainings and workshops for both teachers and students in order to improve their knowledge and skills while also raising awareness about local and global issues. Through research projects, they also cultivate the scientific mind.

The panellists discussed the factors that influence the implementation of co-curricular activities, such as student age, classroom management, cost, time, language proficiency, and programme coordination. While co-curricular activities are halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the panellists utilized the time to reflect, refine, and redesign their activities in order to provide a better learning experience to their participants.

During the Q&A session, questions were asked about the success criteria of co-curricular activities, the cost involved, and the time frame of activities. The panel discussion concluded with a summary and words of thanks to the panellists and attendees for their participation.


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