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Culinology® Sensory Project with Allswell for Market Launch of New Immune-Boosting Beverages

The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Culinology® programme under the School of Food Studies & Gastronomy collaborated with Allswell on a project to conduct a sensory test for the new immune-boosting beverages developed by Allswell Company before launching it in the market. This study was conducted with the assistance of seven students from Taylor's Culinology® programme and the participation of 100 panel respondents.

Two types of sensory tests were administered as part of the project - Hedonic and Preference Tests. The hedonic test helped identifying the main factors that influenced the acceptability of the new beverages, while the preference test helped the company to understand the panelists' preference between two different formulations of the same product. Both test results were used to identify the key characteristics that influenced the acceptability of the newly developed beverages. Before releasing their new product in the market, the data also assisted Allswell to make the necessary adjustments to the product.

Since 1985, Allswell has remained true to its promise of harnessing and sharing nature’s goodness. Selecting only natural ingredients, it identifies proven formulations with targeted health benefits to develop its products. Allswell prepares products with care and package them hygienically to deliver their beneficial properties for well-being.

Overall, the sensory project collaboration between Taylor's University and Allswell was a success. It provided valuable insights into the acceptability of the new immune-boosting beverages developed by Allswell. Students in the Culinology® programme acquired hands-on experience in conducting a sensory evaluation, meanwhile the company (Allswell) received valuable product improvement feedback.


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