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Dare to Dream for a Better Sarawak: Fake News - The Media Industry in Malaysia by A.P. Dr. Roslina

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roslina Abdul Latif from School of Media & Communication, Taylor's University was invited to speak for The Sarawak Initiatives (TSI) project, a non-profit organization committed to Building a Better Sarawak through human capital development. This leadership programme was launched on the gazette Sarawak Independence Day, 22 July 2021. The TSI Leadership Programme is organized for aspiring and current leaders seeking personal development and knowledge in nation building that requires them to possess a wide general knowledge of diverse subjects that are crucial to good decision making. Good leaders are expected to show courage, strength of character, integrity, capability in managing a nation and its resources for its peoples and many other virtues of good leadership.

TSI is taking a first step towards realizing this vision of building good leaders through this unprecedented event of having more than 30 prominent people and highly qualified lecturers to impart their valuable experience and knowledge to the aspiring and current leaders who hold the responsibility of nation-building in delivering the dream of “A Better Sarawak” to its citizens. TSI would like to express its gratitude to all the lecturers who are the “Stars of Sarawak” for coming so strongly to support a good cause. The leadership programme covers a wide range of topics including History, Principles of Government, Education, Human Rights, Integrity, Gender Equality, Economics, Technology, Religious Liberty, and a host of other topics related to nation building.


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