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Embracing New Horizons: Taylor's American Degree Transfer Program Commencement Celebration 2023

Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) recently organized a Commencement Celebration to celebrate the graduating class of 2023. Faculty, administrators, parents, students and invited guests from AmInvestment Bank came together to commemorate the successful completion of two years of academic excellence by this cohort at Taylor's ADTP. The event kicked off with a warm and inspiring welcome speech by Prof. Dr. Anindita Dasgupta, Head of School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, setting the tone for the day's celebration. Her heartfelt words filled the air with pride and excitement as she congratulated the graduates on reaching this significant milestone.

Mr. Gan Kim Khoon, former Head of Equity Markets from AmInvestment Bank Bhd was the esteemed speaker for the event, who encouraged and motivated the graduating class of 2023. His powerful words of wisdom instilled confidence and determination in our graduates, urging them to embrace new horizons with unwavering enthusiasm. The Programme Director of the American Degree Transfer Program, Dr. Loh Kah Heng took the opportunity to share the recent achievements and milestones of Taylor's American Degree Transfer Program. His presentation highlighted the program's commitment to academic excellence and the students' remarkable accomplishments, creating much excitement and applause amongst the audience.

A significant highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of awards, recognizing outstanding students for their exemplary achievements. The prestigious AmInvestment Bank Book Prize was sponsored and presented by Mr. Leo Ong Chin Liang, Acting Head of Equity Markets, AmInvestment Bank Bhd. This award was given to the ‘Best’ students in each of the four Majors - Computer Science, Engineering, Business and Liberal Arts for their exceptional academic prowess. Additionally, the honors students were recognized for their consistent commitment to academic excellence.

The atmosphere was electrifying as the graduates came up to the stage to receive their scrolls. The audience applauded them for their efforts. Congratulatory salutations filled the atmosphere and the camera shutters clicked on, capturing intimate moments, creating a lifetime of memories. The graduates beamed with pride as they will now continue to pursue their next phase of studies at reputable universities in the United States and Canada, broadening their horizons and embracing new experiences. Layla Tijani, the 2023 Class Student Representative, delivered an emotionally charged farewell address, reflecting on the memories and bonds created during her time at Taylor's. Her heartfelt words of gratitude touched the hearts of all present, leaving a lasting impact on the graduating class.

The ceremony ended with the tradition of group photographs, capturing the essence of togetherness and shared accomplishments. Smiles, laughter and varied gestures from the graduates, faculty, staff, family and friends who posed for a snapshot will forever remain etched in our memories. We extend our sincere appreciation to all faculty members, staff, families and friends whose unwavering support has contributed to the success of our graduates. As they venture into the world, we have no doubt that they will continue to thrive and leave a positive impact on society.

To the Taylor's ADTP Class of 2023, congratulations on this remarkable achievement! Embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, and know that Taylor's will always be your home away from home.


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