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Empowering Youth Volunteers to Make a Positive Impact on Society through 'Light A Refugee's Dream'

Nelson Mandela once wisely stated "Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world." Education is not merely a necessity; it is a fundamental of human right.

In alignment with these principles, AIESEC at Taylor's University, Malaysia, is the world's largest non-profit youth-run organization. It is an international non-governmental not-for-profit organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural global internships, and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe. The organization focuses on empowering young leaders to make a positive impact on society through actions, collaborated with the School of Education (SoEd) to launch the "Light a Refugee's Dream" project.

This initiative aimed to empower individuals by providing access to quality education. Under the guidance of SoEd Lecturer Dr. Vinothini Vasodavan and the undergraduate students took on the roles of Learning Facilitators (LFs), they embarked on a mission to equip 12 Malaysian youth volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to teach the refugee children aged 9 to 17 English, Bahasa Melayu, and Mathematics. These dedicated volunteers were also entrusted with the task of creating teaching materials, including slides and workbooks.

This endeavour attracted the interest of 20 teachers from the ARAKAN Refugee Relief Centre, who also participated in the training. The workshops covered various topics, including strategies for dynamic presentations and techniques to keep young learners engaged during teaching sessions. LFs orchestrated collaborative activities, allowing participants to design innovative teaching and learning methods, aligning them with predefined learning outcomes.

Recognizing the importance of inclusive education, Ms. Revati Ramakrishnan, a SoEd Lecturer & Expert in Special Education Needs (SEN), conducted a session on identifying and addressing students with learning disabilities versus difficulties. This session aimed to sensitize participants to the unique needs of students with diverse learning profiles.

It is our collective hope that this workshop has equipped participants with the knowledge and skills required to work effectively with students with distinct individual needs. By understanding these nuances, educators can make a positive impact on student learning experiences.

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