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Essential Skills for Graduates by Mr. Ahmad Fauzan, Lead Trainer for HRD Corp Train The Trainer

School of Media and Communication (SOMAC), Taylor’s University was privileged to organize a webinar on Essential Skills for Graduates presented by Mr. Ahmad Fauzan, a Lead Trainer for HRD Corp Train The Trainer.

This webinar was attended by more than 80 participants, including students of Taylor’s, and other private and public academic institutions. Mr. Fauzan related the current pandemic situation and changes required in the mindset of students. The interactive session through activities kept the participants engaged and focused to the webinar.

He started the session by sharing the notion that “Life is a Game” and all we need is the knowledge to play it. He encouraged everyone to analyze the situation one is in and decide on actions to be taken by considering the consequences. He reiterated that such thoughts would benefit most situations. He emphasized the important skill sets for students such as being analytical, conceptual, and productive. Industries need graduates with independent thinking and minimum supervision and productivity in their deliverables.

In conclusion, Mr. Fauzan stressed that industries need curious and resourceful candidates for their organization who can work independently. Besides training, Mr. Fauzan is an active writer and has published more than 15 books to-date. He has shared training and development related contents online since 2015 and has conducted numerous webinars which has had viewers from across the globe including Poland, India, and South-East Asia.


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