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Event Speaker Series on "Coordination of the Environment & Thematize the Event" by Pinky Tiong

Ms. Pinky Tiong, the Founder of Memoires Events Management Sdn Bhd was invited to share her insights on ‘Coordination of The Environment & Thematize the Event’ for a total of 50 undergraduates who enrolled for Events Operations module offered by the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events (SHTE).

Memoires Events Management Sdn Bhd is an event company specializing in event analysis, event coordination, ballroom design, backdrop design, professional emcee, live entertainment, celebrity booking and video highlight. The webinar was conducted via close FB group Live. Event speaker series is an effective initiative for the students to learn from industry experts and gain different perspectives on how the real events industry works.

Ms. Pinky had shared videos from her previous themed Gala Dinner to show the difference in set-up requirements and the atmosphere that the event has brought for the audiences. Besides that, students also had the opportunity to learn from Ms. Pinky on how to design for themed virtual event. By showcasing her virtual events, students were able to witness the usage of technologies like AR/VR and immersive 360, in holding successful events with compelling graphics, real time production engine and immersive experience.

They have prepared a very nice virtual event site, with the virtual background, slide and Ms. Pinky as the host standing and presenting the content to the audience. This has showed the students that having a green screen is also very important for virtual event and event planner can do a lot of creative things with the green screen and make the virtual events more interesting and offers a better event experience to the audience. Some other key points for the students to takeaway are event planners should carefully choose the event venue for a physical event.


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