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Evolving Creative & Artistry Approaches: A Showcase Week For Culinary and Pastry Students

As a part of the learning experience for our culinary and pastry students, Taylor's School of Food Studies & Gastronomy has organized a series of showcase sessions to commemorate the students' learning outcomes after 14 sessions of their practical modules classes. The selected 4 modules included "Advanced Cuisine" and "Advanced Boulangerie" from the Bachelor of Culinary Management (BCM) programme; as well as "The Art of Sugar and Chocolate Works" and "Advanced Pastry and Baking" from the Bachelor of Patisserie Arts (BPA) programme. Each module has been organized into a separate showcase to present the students' final products as a part of their final project and assessment. The session was also open to Taylor’s University and College students to visit and view.

Three groups of BPA students from "The Art of Sugar and Chocolate Works" module presented their chocolate showcase with the theme of Ikebana concept and elements in Artist Kitchen. The students developed an exquisite chocolate floral arrangement with green-yellow hue merged with natural features such as bark, pillars and ornamental leaves and roots.

Another eight groups of BPA students from "Advance Boulangeri" module exhibited their final products at Tarragon Restaurant. Each of the groups presented their mini buffet table to showcase their artisanal classical bread and other creations including veinnoiseries, loaves, buns and rolls to be assessed by Chef Sunny Ng, an invited External Assessor and Chief Baker from Bakers Choice Premiums Sdn Bhd.

The showcase for "Advance Pastry and Baking" module with the title of "The Art of Entremets: Inspiration for Modern Desserts" at Truffles Restaurant, where nine groups of students participated in producing their multi-layered mousse cakes with decorations and garnishes.

Meanwhile, 22 BCM students from "Advanced Cuisine" module showcased their advanced culinary skills and art. This semester, five groups of students have created their own contemporary Tapas. To display their final products, students have used a variety of components, molecular methods and the skill of creative presentation. On each of the buffet tables, there were six Tapas dishes, a small dessert and a mocktail.

This series of showcase sessions demonstrated their knowledge, skills and artistic abilities. Each lesson will also educate students how to appreciate aesthetics in cuisine, art and sensory experiences.


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