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Expert Sharing on Communication in Luxury Brand Management

Taylor’s School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events was much honoured to have Dr. John Umit Palabiyik, PhD, MBA, Asst. Professor and Programme Coordinator, Framingham State University, US College of Business Department of Management & Business IT, Hospitality and Tourism Program, shared about Communication in Luxury Brand Management for our exclusive Bachelor of International Hospitality Management. He started off with the Communication Theory, The Mehrabian Equation and emphasized on the Words, Tone and Body language that is transformed as Vision & Mission, Symbols & Feelings in the management of a Luxury Brand.

The ratio of 7% words, 38% tone and 55% body language that plays an essential role in the communication of the hotel brands was highlighted in the session. The Top 10 luxury hotels & their webpages that communicated the brand’s identity was excellent. The key takeaway from the session were the “Talking Point” business mind set and hiring people to talk about the luxury brand. His personal stories from his profound industry experience had imparted a life long learning knowledge for the students who has attended the sharing session. Last but not the least his 1000-dollar omelette illustration not only added fun factor to the session but made the students to synthesize on the marketing strategies of a Luxury Brand. The students thoroughly enjoyed the session.


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