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Exploring Social Innovation Solutions by Showcasing Taylor's Students' Innovative Projects & Ideas

In March 2023 semester, two student groups designed and implemented outstanding projects for the ‘Social Innovation Project’ module. The Coach, Dr. Jacqui Kong, Senior Lecturer from the School of Food Studies and Gastronomy (SFSG), nominated these two groups as the best student projects for the semester. These talented and hardworking students were given the opportunity to bring their project ideas to Taylor’s Makerspace for utilizing the facilities to create a high-fidelity prototype. These two projects, the 'Smart-Bin' and 'Resource and Planting Kit', were the commendable examples of innovative solutions to the problems which plague the modern society.

The pressing issues of Food Waste and Food Security, two areas of concern within the broader field of Food Studies, demonstrate a need for accessible and convenient solutions that anyone can implement in their daily lives. By immersing themselves in the innovation and implementation process of their projects, as well as empathizing with local communities and people-in-need, the students did not just learn theories related to Food Security, Food Justice and Food Sovereignty, but most importantly, applied the knowledge they learnt to real-life situations and stakeholders, and crafted inspiring solutions to food-related problems in our world today.

The 'Smart-Bin' is an advanced food composting bin equipped with innovative and high-tech features to improve household food waste and food composting efforts. The 'Smart-Bin' possesses the ability to heat food waste using high heat, and grinding the waste to create a powder-like form which can be used as fertilizer. It is also self-cleaning, hygienic, and convenient to use, thus making food composting simple, convenient, and mess-free for any household. The 'Smart-Bin' was conceptualized, designed, and built by a combination of 10 students from the School of Food Studies and Gastronomy, School of Computer Science, and Taylor’s Business School.

The product video featuring a 3D-printed model of the 'Smart-Bin' can be viewed via this link:

The 'Resource and Planting Kit' is a box of nutritious ingredients packed for underprivileged communities who face food insecurity, such as the B40 community in Malaysia. This 2-in-1 kit was envisioned by a combined group of 10 students from the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events, School of Law and Governance, Taylor’s Business School, and The Design School. The students designed the box using graphic design software, and they also built the box using the facilities at Taylor’s Makerspace. The box cover doubles as a planting container, as the kit contains seeds for the underprivileged communities learn to grow their own vegetables. Along with recipe cards and planting instructions, the students hope that this 'Resource and Planting Kit' will help to educate and inspire underprivileged communities in Malaysia on how to grow low-maintenance vegetables at home, as well as help to alleviate food insecurity issues.

For the product video featuring the 'Resource and Planting Kit', please click to this link:


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