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Exploring the Best of Giesen Estate Marlborough Wines with Giesen Ambassador & Hospitality Manager Mr. Roscoe Johanson

Taylor’s Culinary Institute recently hosted a Wine Masterclass featuring 'Giesen', a renowned producer of cool climate wines from New Zealand. Mr. Roscoe Johanson, Ambassador and Hospitality Manager of Giesen Wines, led the event, showcasing the unique characteristics and specialty of Giesen’s wines. The masterclass highlighted eight exceptional wines, including Giesen Estate Blush Riesling, Giesen Estate Blush Sauvignon Blanc, Giesen Estate Pinot Gris, Giesen Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Giesen Organic Sauvignon Blanc, Giesen Estate Pinot Noir, Giesen The Brothers Sauvignon Blanc, and Giesen The Brothers Pinot Noir. Of particular interest was the Organic Sauvignon Blanc, which is relatively new to Malaysia and kept the participants intrigued and excited.

Approximately 20 participants attended the masterclass, which Mr. Roscoe provided an overview of Giesen's history, sharing the story of the three brothers who established the vineyard in New Zealand, drawing inspiration from their family's wine making background in Germany. Today, Giesen owns multiple vineyards in New Zealand and is known for producing award-winning wines.

Following the masterclass, a wine dinner was held at Aliyaa, a Michelin Guide Sri Lankan Restaurant. The 5-course menu was thoughtfully paired with five different bottles of white and red wines from Giesen. The highlight of the menu was the Crab Meat Varai served with Crab Curry, expertly paired with Giesen's Sauvignon Blanc. Guests were impressed by the successful pairing of wine with flavorful and spicy dishes.

Taylor’s Culinary Institute was pleased to provide an educational opportunity for all attendees to learn about New Zealand wines.


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