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Featuring Alumna Ng Wai Yen, Senior Event Associate at Above Creative Events (M) Sdn Bhd

Where are our graduates from the events management programme now after completing their programme? Let’s find out the story of our alumna, Ng Wai Yen on her journey after the graduation.

“Build milestones along the way and never stop learning” has been my motto that kept me growing. Honestly, event management was not my first choice until I was given an opportunity to be part of an event team to execute an annual event. Then my passion grew with the lead of my sister who was then an event coordinator. I guess it runs in the family."

"Whenever someone asks me “Why events?”. My answer will always be “the process”. The process of planning and executing events is like a scary roller coaster ride that you never ride on. Looks big, grand and you would not know what to expect; then through the process of queueing up you will feel the excitement, the adrenaline rush, nervousness, and the anticipation. After exiting the ride, you feel the accomplishment for completing it."

"A common question that my friends and I shared after graduation was; “What type of company should I apply for? Or what type of event should I advance to?”."

"Personally, I am grateful to experience several events through internships and part time jobs. I kicked off my career in an event creative agency as an activation executive. My tasks were to oversee the activation and be involved in events. I was able to liaise with clients and being the customer support during on ground activations and events. These included the work of back-end event supports where I had to plan the logistics, manpower and the program of the activation or event. This was definitely a great on ground experience for me!"

"During the pandemic, I was offered an opportunity to handle projects in the engineering sector. I took up the challenge whereby I had to oversee the planning and documenting of the overall project from planning to the end of the project. Although I am in an engineering company, the experiences gained, and knowledge learned from my education background helped me a lot. Such as planning a project, documenting, usage of software (Microsoft Project), liaising with clients, logistics planning etc."

"To me, learning never stops and every step allows me to upskill myself. Currently I am a Senior Event Associate in a company that specializes in conference and virtual events. The learning never stops, and I will keep challenging myself on tasks that are out of the box and perhaps consider furthering my education. It is great to experience a variety of jobs during and after your studies as different tasks allocated has different learning outcomes. In addition to that, seeing it as an opportunity to search for something that you are passionate about or a step closer to your ideal job. Be fearless, be you."


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