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Featuring Alumni Muhammad Imran Bin Abdul Khani from School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events

After completing his internship with TUI International Holiday (Malaysia), Imran was offered a position at the company as a product portfolio officer. Considering that the company is part of TUI AG, currently the world’s largest travel & tourism company, this was an opportunity that could not be missed, and he immediately accepted the offer without any hesitation. TUI International Holiday (Malaysia) is TUI AG’s newest business venture in the South East Asian region focusing on the development of future source markets and a new business model which is airline partnerships and data driven online dynamic booking systems.

Starting off as a product portfolio officer, Imran’s main role is to manage aspects of tourism and travel products with an end-to-end perspective which includes understanding Market/customer needs and trends, formulating requirements for flights, accommodations and ancillaries. This is achieved by working together with their data analyst to merge business sense and analytical perspectives, i.e. for portfolio analysis and gap identification, benchmarking with competitors, and price/yield management.

After working successfully for 2 years with the company, Imran was promoted as product portfolio executive. With the new role, his responsibility has expanded and covering portfolios of other partner airlines such as MHolidays and Qatar Airways Holidays. As the travel & tourism industry is moving towards digitalization, Imran’s inspiration for his future career would be to bridge the gap between digital developments in the tourism industry. He believes it is important to have a better understanding of technology and digital advancements in the tourism industry which is required for an enhanced customer experience.


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