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Featuring Kavytha Sue - Entrepreneurial Alumna from Bachelor of International Hospitality Management

Featuring Ms. Kavytha Sue Selvam, Bachelor of International Hospitality Management Alumna, a successful Hotelier who manages her own family business with her brother who is also a Taylor's alumnus at Cameron Highlands. Trained by Mandarin Oriental KL hotel through the Taylor's STEP programme, now she is steering her 63 apartments, 160 rooms and 2 penthouse resort, The Star Regency and a 12-room Kavy Boutique Hotel.

She has culminated all the management strategies, the various industry engagements, and the insightful experiences she had gained during her education journey at Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events. She was indeed excited as she shared her plans to widen her business scope, refurbishing of the hotel, Covid-19 impacts and her guest’s management. Truly an entrepreneur on the rise. We wish her luck in this entrepreneurial journey.


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