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Featuring Young International Alumni from Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events

Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events are pleased to feature the Young Alumni of the school. They are Ms. Marie Audrey Cristelle Martin, Marketing Executive - Leisure Cluster, Rogers Hospitality; and, Mr. Rifath Ali, Event Coordinator, Event Maldives Pvt. Ltd.

Marie Audrey Cristelle Martin, an alumna from the Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Honours) programme in 2019. She shared her story on starting her career in the tourism industry during her final year internship.

"After my graduation, I had the opportunity to do my final internship in Paris as Assistant Head of Production for a Travel Agency marketing Asian destination primarily. After spending 9 months in Paris, I returned to my home base in Mauritius to kick start my career."

"At first, it was quite difficult to find a full-time job, so I decided to go for a second internship. I was recruited by one of the biggest conglomerates of the island, The Rogers Group as Marketing Trainee. Further to this, I grew in the company and learned the different skills from my superiors and colleagues. After my internship period, I was offered a full-time job as a Marketing Assistant - Leisure Cluster. I was responsible for the daily operations and marketing strategy of the leisure cluster of the group under the supervision of my manager. After 3 years of delivering the best of myself at this position, I was promoted in April 2022 to Marketing Executive for the Leisure Cluster at Rogers Hospitality."

"My days aren’t boring at all as it differs every day! One day I can be travelling on a luxurious catamaran with influencers, the next day I can be visiting one of Mauritius most iconic attractions with stakeholders, the following day on a quad with journalists and the next to have a whole day in front of my screen at the office. Responsible for the leisure cluster of Rogers Hospitality, my daily duties include the digital and operational marketing of 5 specific brands in my portfolio. I am very proud of the brands that I represent and for the trust that my superiors have in me."

"Ever since I finished my studies, I’ve wanted to become an industry expert focusing my expertise in marketing for the tourism industry. Further on in my career, I hope to increase my technical skills and knowledge while providing solutions and improvements to problems that the industry is currently facing. In the long run, I aspire to contribute significantly to the tourism industry development in Mauritius and optimization to create something that would genuinely be impactful over the years. I am extremely empowered in my daily life by my family. It’s for them that I am doing all this, to give them the best comfortable life. The next step is completing my Masters in International Marketing next year."

Mr. Rifath Ali, an alumnus from the Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Honours) (Events Management) programme. Let’s hear the story about his journey starting off his career in the events industry in Maldives.

"As a fresh graduate, I began my journey by reaching out to a local consultant who has been working in the Maldivian events industry. This allowed me to get a better understanding of the major players in the local event scene and what job opportunities they can offer. I sent in my application to multiple companies and got a compelling offer from Event Maldives Pvt. Ltd for the position of Event Coordinator."

"In the past 6 months, I have grown accustomed to the industry practices and procedures. I have familiarized myself with the technical aspect of different types of event setups ranging from corporate meetings, music festivals, weddings and incentive trips. Working with top experts from the fields of electricians, sound and light engineers, and visual artists, made me realize the significant value they add to the events. For me, the job scope as an Event Coordinator mainly involves communication and management of people, time and resources. It is my responsibility to ensure the selected team for an event is briefed on the setup details and timeline. At the same time, I lookout for the welfare of the team in terms of transportation, accommodation and meals throughout the event. It is also my duty to ensure that no one compromises theirs or everyone’s safety while working. Besides the event team, I also coordinate with artists and performers regarding their rehearsals and any technical requirements during the sound checks."

"I also coordinate with the event venues regarding accessibility and time allocated for the setup. This is crucial as different venues have different arrangements. Hence, I need to coordinate with them and the clients in order to complete the work on time. Distribution of tasks according to availability of the team is also a vital part of my job. Prior to the event, I need to check the technical requirements by the client with regards to sound, light, and any other specific equipment. I communicate with the technical team and brief them about the equipment needed, event rundown and cues during the event. During the event, I ensure that everything is running smoothly from the control booth or as the Stage Manager."

"My current goal is to be a reputable person in the Maldivian events industry. I look forward to working with more local and international clients as it is a great way to network and build industry connections through shared experiences. Also, I would like to expand my technical knowledge and perhaps specialize in one aspect of the industry such as light engineering or venue management. Ultimately, I aim to start my own event management company within the next five years. Although I just began my career in the events industry, I have noticed areas of the local industry that can be improved. There is a definite need for more technically trained local talents. At the same time, sustainability policies need to be implemented by the companies for a better future for the environment and as a way of cost-effective event execution."


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