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Freshman Orientation at Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Programme

The Winter 2024 Semester at Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Programme (ADTP) commenced with a hearty welcome to a diverse new cohort of students spanning the globe. A total of 65 students from 10 different countries, such as India, Bangladesh, Korea, the United States, and the United Republic of Tanzania, were warmly welcomed with open arms.

Prof. Dr. Anindita Dasgupta, Head of the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, along with Ms. Norshahila Mohamad Razak, Head of the Department of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, warmly welcomed the incoming students with heartfelt speeches. They emphasized the significance of embracing their new academic journey, encouraging students to venture into new realms and engage with diverse cultures and experiences within their community.

Dr. Loh Kah Heng, Programme Director of ADTP, introduced the programme's faculty members and provided insights into the American Degree Transfer Programme. He also imparted valuable advice to students regarding their upcoming academic journey. The orientation session aimed to pave the way for a fulfilling campus experience by familiarizing students with the programme's student body and the University Placement Service. Dr. Nurfarhanim Abu Bakar, the ADTP Student Leader Advisor, encouraged students to participate in the array of social activities provided by clubs and societies on campus.

Ms. Sumathi Sinnasamy, Senior Education Advisor from the University Relations & Placement Unit, wrapped up the orientation programme by shedding light on transfer pathways and related opportunities. She delved into forthcoming visits from US universities, transfer options, and the processes for students to transfer to their preferred institutions.

Overall, the orientation programme laid a solid foundation for students to embark on their academic journey at Taylor’s University ADTP, fostering a sense of community and providing valuable guidance for their future endeavors.


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