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From Local to Global, the Challenge of Geographical Indications Forum

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Louis Augustin-Jean was invited as a keynote speaker for the International Symposium forum "From Local to Global, the Challenge of Geographical Indications" held on 21st and 22nd February 2020 at the University of Nagoya (Japan). He delivered a one-hour lecture on “Geographical Indications as a Tool for Development: Prospects and Limits”. The presentation aimed to build a link between “traditional food” and innovation seen through its development aspect in the context in which innovation is bound by regulations and laws.

Researchers from universities and organizations such as Sorbonne, Kyoto University, World Intellectual Property Organization, etc. also attended the conference. Aside from the presentation, it is expected that the friendly contacts established during the meeting could lead to stronger cooperation in food studies with these organizations.


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