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Guest Lecture by Assoc. Prof. Paul Judd from Drake University USA to American Degree Program

Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program students were very fortunate to be treated to a guest lecture by Assoc. Prof. Paul Judd from Drake University, USA. Students from engineering and business and social studies programme attended the lecture on ‘Continuous Probability Distribution’ in an online environment.

Assoc. Prof. Paul is no stranger to our students as this is the 3rd time that he has made his appearance. Assoc. Prof. Paul started off the class by introducing his university and spoke briefly about his ongoing classes at Drake University and how they have transitioned into face-to-face learning. The lecture went on smoothly and after the introduction of the topic, the lesson picked up pace and was taught by using many examples from his notes that was shared with the students prior to the lecture. Assoc. Prof. Paul easily managed to engage the students by calling them out to volunteer their answers in which the students readily assented.

It was a positive experience both ways. Students gave feedback that they were happy to note that their academic pursuit at ADTP is at par with US universities in terms of the curriculum which helps prepare them for easy transitioning to US universities. Assoc. Prof. Paul on the other hand was happy with the students and their responses and commented that “he had fun as usual”.


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