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Honing the Skills for Developing Others as a Thought Leader by Adjunct Professor Vaclav Koranda

The Bachelor of Psychology students from the Leadership and Organizational Psychology class had an amazing opportunity to partake in a masterclass on honing the skills for developing others as a leader, conducted by Adjunct Professor Vaclav Koranda, Chief Executive Officer & Principal Consultant at Jebat Consulting Sdn. Bhd.

Vaclav Koranda is an award-winning Human Resources (HR) Consultant with over 20 years in HR industry. He received the “Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) of the Year” award from Employer Branding Institute, India in 2019. He was named under ‘101 Global HR Heroes’ by the World HRD Congress, Mumbai in 2019 and received the “HR Leader” 2019 award from the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management. In addition, in 2020, he was named one of Malaysia's most influential HR Leaders. Vaclav Koranda has not only won awards for himself, but he has been a key player for the companies he has worked with to receive multiple awards for recruitment, employment, HR excellence and employee engagement.

On top of that, he is also a Professional Speaker who shares his wisdom across Southeast Asia and authored a book on HR Digital Transformation. He began his career in Prague, Czech Republic, then moved to Malaysia, where he is now attached too. Vaclav Koranda is a thought leader and discipline expert in the HR industry who constantly pushes boundaries and innovates new strategies. Organizing this masterclass was a purposeful initiative made to improve students' learning experiences while aligning with the university's mission.

Taylor's University recognizes the current significant shifts in the workplace, learner expectations and learning habits. Embracing these needs with a forward-thinking learning ecosystem requires learning to be guided by future trends. Learning should integrate in and out of class experiences and connect theories to practical solutions to real-world problems.

One of the many ways to accomplish this, is to have industry titans inspire young minds to think big and be purpose-driven, resilient and ready. Vaclav Koranda's session was very inspiring to the students who attended it.

Prof. Vaclav did an excellent job at delivering the information. It was easy to understand and digest, as he gave his personal career experience as an example in most of his explanations.”

“I really think it's a good sharing from his side of the story. He is telling the experiences he has gone through of being an i/o psychologist, which added to the knowledge I learned and how it can be used in real-life work settings.”

“Personally, I loved to hear how he resolved conflicts and issues in cases he had encountered - that was fascinating and allowed me to picture what I’ve learned in theory, is applied by an industry expert in real life.”

Epitomizing Isaac Newton’s quote, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants" . The Bachelor of Psychology programme aspires to continue this initiative by bringing in thought leaders and industry experts from various fields of psychology to enrich the student learning.


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