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Hype It Up! Calling All Fashionheads

Hype It Up! 2020 was a virtual event organized by the Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Hons.) Events Management students from batch BE 17, 18 and 19 for the module Live Event Project. Hype It Up! 2020 was a streetwear fashion competition held virtually on Facebook Live. The aim of this virtual event was to make a new platform available for upcoming designers and artists to step into the limelight of the Malaysian fashion industry.

Participants from different design academies and institutions joined this competition to showcase their skills and gain exposure for their brand. A few side activities such as scavenger hunt and live performances were organized to attract more participation by the audience during the live stream. On the event day, the total number of viewers reached 592 without paid promotions, while the highest number of viewers 150 was reached during the live stream. The total post engagement including viewers comments, shares and likes was 550.


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