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industry. integrated. Reflective. Assignment (iiRA) Initiative by Taylor's SHTE

Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events invited Ms. Kate Martin Mai, Regional Sales Manager France at Hotel CO 51 France-Moxy, Paris CDG Airport, Moxy Sophia Antipolis, Moxy Val d’ Europe, France to support the new initiative named “iiRA: industry. integrated. Reflective. Assignment”. She shared a closed session on “Customer Experience Oriented Brand Innovation in Hospitality Industry” on 11th February 2022, Friday with almost 160 Bachelor of International Hospitality Management students to provide contemporary insights from the industry perspectives as it benefits the students to complete their iiRA for the module named “Service Quality Management in Hospitality”.

During the session, Ms. Kate started off with a quick introduction about Hotel CO 51, Being Moxyfied through brand standards, communication & global standards, Meet Moxy through different innovations – Product innovation, Service innovation and Work Culture innovation and also presented some impressive Moxy innovation pictures to mesmerize everyone. The most interesting part of the session was her personal career story being a Taylor’s Bachelor of Hospitality Programme and Student Employment Programme (STEP) Mandarin Oriental Alumnus, she shared a host of career tips that will benefit the students to foresee themselves as future hospitality leaders. As a young and passionate hotelier, her final words to the graduates were to “Be Yourself & Creative” and emphasized that it is the key to their success in the hospitality industry.

iiRA is a new initiative to close the gap between Academia and Industry practitioners and will be served as a platform for Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Honours) Programme students to acquire the emerging trends in the hospitality industry to relate with the discipline core module Service Quality Management in Hospitality.


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