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International Symposium on TRAUMA by TU-CHED, IAC & PERKAMA International

The International Symposium on "Trauma" was successfully held by the Center for Human Excellence and Development (CHED) of Taylor's University, the International Counselling Association (IAC), and PERKAMA International, with over 400 participants from 20 countries including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Maldives, India, Iran, Spain, Argentina, South Africa, and many more. The calibre of the presenters, who shared stories of healing and recovery from trauma in times of stress and strife, were able to attract large international audience for the symposium.

Dr. Marla Buchanan of Canada spoke about the skills that practitioners need to manage and support childhood trauma healing. Dr. Marvin Westwood led an international team in a forum addressing war trauma, racial violence, and recovery from dark human experiences. The event's success was largely due to the efforts of final-year Bachelor of Psychology students interning at IAC. Their dedication, work ethic, and drive were the engines that powered the event's organization and success.


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