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Learn about Gastronome & Brigade System in Food Operations with Executive Chef Hisham

Chef Hisham, an experienced Executive Chef at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, was invited as a speaker in a “Professional Chef Series” by Taylor's Culinary Institute.

Chef Hisham has more than 26 years of Banqueting experience in 5-Star Hotels and Convention Centres, both in National and International fields. He is currently in charge of Malaysia’s largest commercial kitchen with a magnitude of 3,157 sqm of space.

His responsibilities are overseeing a culinary brigade of 50 chefs and over 130 kitchen hands that cater to the needs and dietary requirements of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic delegates and guests at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

During the session, he shared about Gastronome and The Brigade System in food operations.

A group of 112 participants attended the Professional Chef Series.


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