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MalaysiaKini Op-eds

Dr. Benjamin Loh, Senior Lecturer, School of Media & Communication successfully obtained two op-ed publications with Malaysiakini, one of the most reputable English online news outlets in Malaysia. The first article which was published on 19th February 2021, co-written with several young academics from local public universities, addressed the recent issue of Malaysians publishing their work in predatory journals. It discussed the impact of KPI driven publishing requirements and why there needed to be substantive reforms in tertiary education to allow young academics to prosper rather than be subjugated by a predatory system. The second article which was published on 15th March 2021, addressed the recently announced emergency ordinance regarding the fight against coronavirus related fake news. It also discussed the negative implications and potential for abuse and proposed the need to empower the Malaysian public rather than to pursue punitive measures to deal with it. Both articles can be accessed here:,


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