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Mark Beau Received Prestigious Arts for Good Fellowship 2022 - Singapore

The Singapore International Foundation has brought world communities together since 1991 to better lives and create positive change, building enduring networks, through education, arts, and culture, as well as business and livelihood. Part of its endeavors includes the Arts for Good Fellowship, a movement that unites creatives around the world through the power of arts.

The fellowship will bring together artists, art administrators, and social sector professionals, to advocate change for communities around the world. Mark Beau de Silva, Programme Director & Senior Lecturer, Taylor's School of Liberal Arts & Sciences has been selected to represent Malaysia in this year’s fellowship and will work with 30 individuals from 16 nationalities in a series of workshops, dialogue and performances.

Some of the issues to be tackled in this year’s fellowship include of:-

  • Building sustainable ways of working - how do we work self-care into our creative practice.

  • Communicating the arts to gain buy-in from different stakeholders - what works, and what doesn't.

  • Impact / outcome measurement - what kind of indicators should we look out for when designing and executing arts programmes?

  • Think of qualitative and quantitative.

  • Financial sustenance in the space of underserved communities - what do we need to gather to share and secure funding? How to plan for sustainability?

  • Leadership and mentorship in the arts - what does it mean to develop and guide others?

Mark and the fellows will spend several weeks in October and November 2022 virtually; and a week in January 2023 in Singapore. The online sessions will be geared towards understanding one another’s vocation and the creation of collaborative workshops that will be put to practice in person in Singapore.


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