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Master Class with Adjunct Prof. Mohd Said Bani on The Art of Preparing a Crisis Communication Plan

School of Media and Communication (SOMAC) Postgraduate Programme had recently organised a webinar on ‘The Art of Preparing a Crisis Communication Plan’ with its Adjunct Professor, Prof. Mohd Said Bani. This webinar is the continuation of the webinar on ‘Managing Crisis Communication’ which was held in March 2021. Adjunct Professor Bani discussed the flow of preparing a crisis communication plan from setting-up of a crisis response team to managing communication with stakeholders.

In preparing a crisis communication plan, it is important to know the DOs and DON’Ts when dealing with the media. This is essential as the objective of a crisis communication plan is to prepare the organisation in dealing with a crisis and to minimise the impact of a crisis to an organisation by having frequent communication with the media. The webinar was organised by the Risk and Crisis Management class at the postgraduate level of School of Media and Communication.


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