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Psychology Day: “Fostering the Inner Child”

“A person's a person, no matter how small.” — Dr. Seuss

“After all, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” — Frederick Douglass

The Psychology (Psych) Society from the Bachelor of Psychology Program of Taylor’s University pulled off yet again another exciting and enriching event online this year, on the 17th of November 2020, The Psychology Day! This is the fifth year the Psych Society is celebrating this annual event. The inspiration to celebrate Psychology Day by the Taylor’s Psych Society originated from the desire to participate in a global agenda and contribute to society at large. Thus, Psychology Day is celebrated in conjunction with the United Nations (UN) celebration of Psychology Day. The theme pronounced by UN this year was understanding the challenges of multilateralism and help facilitate cooperation, especially in dealing with the current pandemic. In relation to this, the Psych Society decided to follow on this idea at a more micro level and themed their event ‘Fostering the Inner Child’. A person should first have a good relationship with himself or herself before building relationships outside.

The Psychology day kick started with a forum discussion on ‘Understanding Children’s Wellbeing: Promoting Affective, Behavioral and Cognitive Health, Especially During the Current Pandemic’. Eminent and influential experts from various fields in children wellbeing were invited to share their experiences and importance of Children’s wellbeing. Amongst them were Professor Dr. Rahmattullah Khan, Clinical Psychologist and a Clinical Psychology Professor in UPSI; Associate Professor Dr. Anasuya Jegathevi A/P Jegathesan, Reality Therapist and a Thanotologist, the Director of the Center of Human Excellence and Development & Senior Lecturer for Psychology program and Dr. Joseph Jacob Pannikulam, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health and Medical Science at Taylor’s University & a Consultant Psychiatrist in The Mind Faculty.

This discussion was moderated by none other than the Psych Society Advisor and Stream Coordinator of the Bachelor of Psychology Program at Taylor’s University, Ms. Pang Chia Yee. Following the forum discussion, three webinars, consecutively were conducted by experts within the Bachelor of Psychology program at Taylor’s University. Topics that were talked about were ‘Helping Children Cope with Trauma: The Psychological Management and Perspective’ by our residential clinical psychologist and senior lecturer, Ms. Sam Jeng Mun; ‘Parent’s Session: Understanding Parenting Styles’ by educational and cognitive specialist and lecturer, Ms. Chew Siew Wei and lastly, ‘Integration and Inner Child Healing’ by experienced family and adolescent counsellor at Life Healer Consultancy and lecturer, Ms. Patrina Shanthini Ganesan.

There were more than 100 attendees for all the events ranging from academicians, practitioners, corporate executives, parents, and students. Each event ended with an intense question and answer session where many unspoken questions were asked and answered. The Psych Society was very satisfied with the outcome of the event as they managed to achieve their objectives. Apart from celebrating Psychology Day in conjunction with UN’s celebration, the Psych Society also aims to bring continual awareness on the importance of mental wellness to all and celebrate the diversity of Psychology. Most definitely, there will be more stimulating and intriguing events from the Psych Society.


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