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RCA Student Culinology Competition 2019, Louisville, Kentucky

A team (Team Ali) consists of 4 students from Bachelor of Science (Hons) Culinology (Chiew Jun Kang, Adrian Chua Sern Yi, Hii Wen Suog and Lee Chor Yang) with their team advisor (Dr Kuan Yau Hoong) has successfully became the finalist to be compete on-site for RCA Student Culinology Competition 2019 at Louisville, Kentucky, from 13th – 15th of March 2019.

This year team Ali created a clean labelled Kentucky-inspired food product suitable for a fast casual restaurant menu, naming Iconic Chicken Burgoo Pie. Team Ali from Taylor’s University has successfully knocked out competitors from Southwest Minenesota State University and University of Guelph to clinch the coveted spot and declared champion for this competition.


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