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Recognizing Achievement of School of Education Student-Academics at e-ConDev 2023 Competition

The Student-Academics Team from School of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management, Taylor's University have received Gold and Silver awards at the International E-Content Development Competition (e-ConDev) 2023 organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Universiti Teknologi MARA under the category of Product Pitching Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies.

This event involved four categories of competition, namely, The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Micro-Credential, Open Educational Resources (OER) and Product Pitching categories. The objectives of e-ConDev 2023 were to increase the quality of e-content used in the teaching and learning process, and to nurture interest in and encouraged the development of e-content. This also served as a platform to share best practices in teaching and learning.

A Gold award was presented to a team of 2 lecturers, Dr. Vinothini Vasodavan and Dr. Lee Yee Ling for their project titled "21st Century Skills Wheels: Re-designing Learning Tasks Using Collaborative Tools" under the Pitching Competition (Educators Category). Dr. Vinothini and Dr. Lee aim to empower instructors through the development of a 21st century skill module. This module has proven to build instructors' innovative teaching practices by embedding 21st-century skills into learning tasks, which includes designing instructional strategies linked to the different 21st-century skills that the instructors wish students to learn.

In addition, a Sliver award was presented to Ku Yan Chie, a first-year Bachelor of Education student under the supervision of Lecturer Dr. Vinothini Vasodavan, for their project titled "Time is Money, a Smart Schedule Planning Functionality Tailored Specifically for Pre-service Teachers", under the Pitching Competition (Students Category). The app allows teachers to estimate the time required for each task or activity, whether it can be lesson planning, grading, or administrative duties.

In a nutshell, the collaboration between academics and students is crucial for driving innovation in teaching and learning. Academics bring their expertise and knowledge to the table, while students offer fresh perspectives and unique insights. This collaboration allows for a rich exchange of ideas, leading to more innovative and well-rounded approaches to teaching and learning.


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