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Skills Malaysia: Competing in Worldskills Competition by Chef Farouk Othman

Chef Farouk Othman, Senior Lecturer, Taylor’s Culinary Institute, participant of world prestigious culinary competition – Bpcuse D’or and currently appointed as the Chief Expert of Cooking Trade for Worldskills Malaysia, along with Department of Skills Development (Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran) of Malaysia, have conducted a sharing session on Competing in Worldskills Competition. Chef Farouk had coached and brought numerous Malaysians to compete in the Asean Skills & Worldskills Competition and managed to win numerous achievements, a feat not easily achievable.

The sharing session was organized by Department of Skills Development of Malaysia, a series where Malaysian experts from different trade shares about the technical description, test project and marking scheme for future coaches and students from different culinary school who which to compete in the future Worldskills. Participants managed to interact with Chef Farouk sharing some tips and secrets on the success stories of Taylorian who competed in it during the many past victories. We are looking forward for the next Malaysian to compete in Worldskills Shanghai 2022 and to Kibarkan Jalur Gemilang!


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