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SLAS Psychology Lecturers’ Initiative to Celebrate International Women’s Day Through Appreciation

“Choose to Challenge” is the selected theme for 2021 International Women’s Day. Women still face many challenges due to multiple roles, gender stigmatization, and gender discrimination. In conjunction with the International Women's Day on 8th March 2021, the Psychology lecturers at the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Taylor's University initiated an appreciation activity at the Psychology, Taylor’s University Facebook page This activity aimed to showcase some women who are good role models for us, to extend our gratitude and to celebrate their contribution in our lives.

All Taylor's University Psychology lecturers and students were encouraged to participate in this activity. There were 19 submissions in total showcasing a woman that they thought was their favorite role model. Seven of the submissions were from the Psychology lecturers and 12 were from the Bachelor of Psychology students. Some participants chose to showcase well-known women leaders and artists like Michelle Obama, Mary Whiton Calkins (influential Psychologist), Maria Montessori, Jessie J and many more.

Some participants acknowledged the contribution and influence of their own mothers, aunts and teachers. Through this activity, more and more women received acknowledgement and recognition. These posts received more than 1000 views and lots of engagement from the public through sharing the posts, commenting, and giving reactions. Full stories can be viewed at


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