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Taylor's Bachelor of Performing Arts Received Recognition from Universities from UK and Australia

Bachelor of Performing Arts under the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences recently received recognition from three top universities from two different continents to collaborate as well as to provide the opportunity for our students to articulate and continue their studies abroad. British top institution, University of Leeds which currently ranked #91 by QS Global World Ranking accepts our students to study under the School of Performance and Cultural Industry, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures.

Students will have the opportunity to continue their degree as well as to enroll with a Master's programme with their special bursary under their unique programmes such as MA Applied Theatre and Intervention, MA Culture, Creativity and Entrepreneurship and MA Audiences Engagement Participation. This will provide more options for our students to design their own learning as well as to experience global learning opportunities. We have also received new recognitions from two Australian universities which accept our students to continue their studies abroad.

These top universities are Queensland University of Technology which currently ranked #217 and Deakin University which currently ranked #275 by QS Global Ranking. They welcome our students to articulate and provide postgraduate pathways for our students to expand their learning as well as their theatrical skills. With these new recognitions from the world class institutions, Bachelor of Performing Arts is proud to expand their wings and is ready to be placed as one of the pioneers of theatre education in Malaysia.


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