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Taylor's Culinary Institute 'Campur2 Nasi Lemak' Celebrates Unity & Breaks Guinness World Records

Taylor’s University supported by Taylor’s Culinary Institute celebrated Malaysia's National Day and Malaysia Day with a unique event held at its picturesque Taylor’s Lakeside Campus in Subang Jaya, Selangor. The highlight of the celebration was a special breakfast event titled "Campur2 Nasi Lemak." This delightful experience was inspired by the university's festive video 'Campur2', which beautifully portrays the harmony that emerges from embracing diversity.

Over 1,200 participants, including Malaysians, international guests, and students from various universities, came together to savour the delicious Nasi Lemak and its assorted accompaniments, all thoughtfully prepared by the talented students and lecturers at Taylor's Culinary Institute. The dedicated team had been diligently crafting the Nasi Lemak delicacies since 5 a.m. to ensure they could cater to the 1,200 over participants.

As noon approached, a remarkable milestone was reached when it was officially confirmed by the Malaysian Book of Records that Taylor's University had broken the record by serving more than 1,200 servings of Nasi Lemak, solidifying their achievement in the "Most Participants in a Nasi Lemak Breakfast Session" category.

This event symbolized the blending of diverse ingredients, mirroring the amalgamation of cultures, languages, and traditions that define Malaysia. Taylor's commitment to fostering unity through diversity was evident in the "Campur2 Nasi Lemak" event, which showcased the institution's vibrant community embracing differences while celebrating shared values. Taylor's University's dedication to creating impactful experiences that transcend boundaries resonates deeply with Malaysia's rich cultural heritage. The spirit of camaraderie extended to students from various universities, emphasizing the unity and inclusivity that define Taylor's University and its diverse student body.

Furthermore, the Campur2 video garnered over 6.6 million views on various social media platforms, reflecting the widespread appreciation for the celebration of diversity and unity.

Do watch the 'Campur2' Video at Taylor’s University’s YouTube:

Record’s event highlights on Taylor’s TikTok or Instagram:


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