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Taylor's Culinary Institute Open Cooking Class with Taylor's University Chef Vincent & Chef Jeremy

Taylor’s Culinary Institute organized an Open class by Chef Vincent and assisted by Chef Jeremy. They conducted a cooking session at home for our students and online participants for a chance to show people how easy to cook at home during this pandemic. Chef Vincent, our Senior Lecturer who has not just won numerous competitions under his name but also coached participants to compete in international competitions. Chef Vincent shared his knowledge on how to prepare "Sous Vide Stuffed Chicken Breast and Brown Chicken Ragout on Filo" dish with the participants.

Sous Vide was the main topic of the class and was also an initiative to display to students on modern cooking, the sciences behind sous vide and how it assists chefs in achieving the perfect doneness. The cooking demonstration that lasted for 45 minutes along with questions-and-answer sessions was well responded by many students and public participants, especially from Indonesia.

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