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Taylor's University is Proud with Its Inaugural Cohort of Master of Clinical Psychology Graduates

Taylor's University Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management is proud with the milestone achievement of its first batch of Master of Clinical Psychology graduates. With a steadfast commitment to excellence in education and fostering professional development, Taylor's University has paved the way for these aspiring Clinical Psychologists to make significant strides in their careers.

The inaugural cohort, consisting of 13 graduates, signified a significant moment in Taylor's journey towards producing competent and compassionate mental health professionals. Among these graduates, an impressive majority of nine have successfully obtained registration under the Malaysian Allied Health Professions Council (MAHPC), while the remaining are in the process of application, a testament to their dedication and proficiency in the field.

MAHPC is a vital regulatory body that ensures the competency and professionalism of healthcare practitioners, including Clinical Psychologists. Registration with MAHPC is paramount as it signifies recognition of qualifications and adherence to professional standards, necessary for legal and ethical practice in Malaysia. Obtaining licensure or certification from MAHPC offers numerous benefits for Clinical Psychologists, including legal authorization to practice independently, enhancing professional credibility, and expanding employment opportunities in various sectors.

Taylor's Master of Clinical Psychology programme's comprehensive curriculum and practical training have equipped these graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of clinical psychology. Through a blend of theoretical learning and hands-on experiences, they have honed their abilities to address mental health challenges with sensitivity and effectiveness.

A notable achievement of this inaugural cohort was their high employability with 11 graduates have secured sought-after positions such as Clinical Psychologist, Corporate Clinical Psychologist, and Client Strategy Associate in various sectors like private psychological centres, international school, university, Non-Governmental Organisations, health and rehabilitation centre, either before or immediately after graduation, highlighting the demand for qualified Clinical Psychologists in Malaysia. Their diverse employment opportunities span clinical settings to corporate sectors, and community organizations, demonstrating the versatility and relevance of their training.

The success of these graduates not only showcased their individual dedication and perseverance but also underscored the quality of education and mentorship provided by Taylor's University. By fostering a conducive learning environment and nurturing a culture of innovation and excellence, Taylor's has empowered these graduates to make significant contributions to the field of clinical psychology and society as a whole.


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