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"Tech and Teach English: Using Technology in an English Class" organized by Centre for Languages

Centre for Languages organized a webinar titled "Tech and Teach English" involving five panelists on 17th September 2021. The webinar focused on using technology in an English class and how to create an engaging learning environment. Two panelists from Taylor’s University talked about Live Worksheet, Jamboard, Miro, and Adobe Spark. We also invited an English lecturer from the English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) to talk about an exciting class platform, Classcraft.

As the target audience for this webinar session were school teachers, we also invited Ms. Nazira from Sekolah Kebangsaan Putrajaya Presint 9 (1), who is known as the edu-influencer TwinKL ambassador, to talk about on Bamboozled, Teacher Made, Kid podcast, and Classkick. Joined us as panelist was also Sir Ahmad Shahrul Azhan Ibrahim or known as Sir ASAI, a Tiktok star among secondary students in Kelantan. The session received around 110 participants from different schools and institutions.

Participants were also very excited and gave positive feedback:-

  • Speakers shared many apps and tools to make online teaching more interactive and fun, which was helpful for teachers

  • The speakers, topic, and material were relevant to today’s teaching experience

  • All the sessions were very informative and educational


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