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"The ABCDs of Advertising" by Adjunct Associate Professor Selva Ganapathy, Grey Group Malaysia

Copywriting is an essential part in advertising and marketing as it involves skills in copy ideation, conceptualization and the great Big Idea. While it is an individual skill, the job involves working with others in a team. The biggest challenge faced by many when going into the advertising industry is working on the creative process.

Students learnt the ABCDs of advertising in four-part workshop:

  1. Answering the Brief

  2. Brainstorming Ideas

  3. Crafting the Work

  4. Delivering the Executions

The session was delivered by Mr. Selva Ganapathy, Grey Group Malaysia. He is currently the Adjunct Associate Professor for the School of Media and Communication, Taylor's University. A total of 30 participants attended the sessions. The hands-on workshops resulted in the creative ideation of the students work which was presented towards the end of the sessions.


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