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The Art of Sake Appreciation with Koichiro Tamura of Hikami Sake Brewery

On May 7, 2024, 25 students from Taylor’s Culinary Institute’s Diploma in Hotel Management programme and the members of Taylor’s Wine and Dine Club had the exclusive opportunity to participate in a captivating "Sake Appreciation" workshop. The session was conducted by Koichiro Tamura, the Senior Managing Director and 16th generation of brewer from the renowned Hikami Sake Brewery.

Steeped in a legacy dating back to the early 1700s, Hikami Sake Brewery stands as a beacon of excellence in Japan's sake brewing tradition. Notably, the brewery made a groundbreaking discovery in the 1960s with the introduction of a Non-Foaming Yeast strain, revolutionizing Japanese sake production techniques. Their flagship sake, 'Tamahagane,' has clinched the prestigious Japan Sake Awards Gold Prize for an unprecedented five consecutive years and secured the esteemed International Wine Challenge trophy.

The "Sake Appreciation" workshop unfolded over 1.5 enriching hours, commencing with a comprehensive 45-minute theoretical session where participants delved into the intricate details of sake production, exploring the key ingredients and the meticulous techniques essential for crafting exceptional sake. Participants then enjoyed a 45-minute interactive tasting session, savoring three distinct and popular sake varieties curated by Hikami Sake Brewery.

The culminating Q&A segment provided a platform for participants to engage with Mr. Tamura, expressing their profound enthusiasm and curiosity. Through this immersive experience, attendees gained a deep appreciation for the dedication and craftsmanship underlying the creation of such refined and premium products. This enlightening event showcased the dedication involved in creating premium sake and took place at the Wine Lab of Taylor’s Culinary Institute.

Taylor’s Culinary Institute, in collaboration with Taylor’s Wine & Dine Club and generously sponsored by our esteemed educational partner, Mr. Thomas TC Ling of Entwine Consultancy, fervently championed the experiential learning beyond conventional classroom boundaries. This initiative aimed to foster holistic development and a deeper understanding of the culinary arts through practical and hands-on experiences.


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