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'The Heart of a Guest Room' Presented by Mr. Alec Liong, Expert in Hotel & Hospitality Bedding

Recently, the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (BIHM) year 1 semester 1 students were fortunate to have Mr. Alec Liong, Corporate Manager and Legal Counsel of Sales & Hospitality Department at Modern Home Essential, as a Guest Speaker to share about the topic on "The Heart of a Guest Room", as part of their Discipline core module 'Accommodation Management'.

Mr. Alec is an expert in hotel & hospitality bedding, and his session provided valuable insights into the manufacturing process of hotel beds and the essential criteria required to meet the branding and differentiation of standards in the industry. He discussed various aspects related to bedding in hotels, including manufacturing specifications that differentiate one brand from another, during the session.

Students learned about the importance of complying with these specifications to maintain the consistency and quality of the hotel's brand image. Mr. Alec also emphasized the significance of care factors for bedding, highlighting the importance of proper maintenance and cleanliness to ensure guest satisfaction and comfort.

The session also covered the decision-making process and procedures involved in making changes to the bedding in a hotel. Understanding the reasons behind of such changes and the associated processes are crucial for managing the hotel's overall operations effectively. Additionally, Mr. Alec shared tips on selecting good and durable bedding, which served as valuable personal life lessons beyond just the scope of hotel or housekeeping knowledge. This also enable students to apply their newfound understanding to their own lives and make informed choices when it comes to purchasing bedding for personal use.

Overall, the sharing session by Mr. Alec Liong provided the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management students with invaluable knowledge and insights into the manufacturing, care and decision-making processes regarding bedding in the hospitality industry.


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