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The MOU Signing Ceremony between Taylor’s University and bzBee Consult

Taylor's University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a local strategic communications company, bzBee Consult Sdn Bhd for its School of Media and Communication. The MoU seeks to explore opportunities and potential programmes that provide practical experience to the university’s students in the field of communication, explore opportunities in research and publications for its lecturers based on aspects related to public relations.

It will also provide developmental support to students through industry-based exposure and training and carry out intellectual discussions, to identify specific areas of focus to better prepare students for the job market. The collaboration will offer students with real-world learning through consultancy projects, industry engagements and exposure, specifically in the areas of Public Relations, Issues and Crises and Stakeholder Management.

As part of this collaboration, the university will provide a space on campus, to be sponsored by bzBee as a Learning Centre. Known as “The Hive”, the centre will be used for practical industry-based exposure for students.


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