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The Secrets to Venue Selection for Conferences & Conventions by Mr. Francis Teo, President of MACEOS

Location! Location! Location! Sometimes half the battle is won if the right venue is selected for an event. How so? Apart from the facilities of purpose-built convention centers, the services offered would play a significant role. What’s more, Venue Managers who are interested to help event organizers create a memorable experiences would definitely make a difference.

These were nuggets of wisdom from a very experienced and passionate industry leader of the business events industry. A member of MACEOS for 14 years before taking the helm as President, Mr. Francis Teo is currently the Head of Setia City Convention Centre, who manages both the Shah Alam and Penang purpose-built convention centers. He described the intricacies of managing the physical aspects of convention centers, Francis also emphasized the duty of care to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for clients and their guests.

With a diverse audience from Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, China, Algeria, Maldives, France, Germany and Africa, the 50 undergraduates took an affinity to Francis, a Taylor’s Alumni, as he took time to address their questions. These session helped students dive deeper into selected topics in the Conventions and Meetings module under the Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Hons.) (Events Management) program offered by Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events (SHTE).

The school was glad that Industry Advisory Panelist such as Francis contributes his time and effort to help steer future leaders in the industry. Not only reveals secrets from his 22 years experiences in convention centers management, he also encouraged the next generation of event organizers to be brave and resilient as the industry is coming back stronger. With the collaborative efforts from various sectors, there wouldn’t be any doubt.


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